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“MY ONLY LOVE” by Romain Gutsy

My Only Love is a passionate love song that expresses the deep sentiment of the one in love, the one who experiments the full power and eternity of what can link a being with another forever.

While the catchy intro features the very recognizable guitar play of Romain Gutsy, with a lovely Spanish feel, the musical arrangement goes beyond what Gutsy used to offer us in the recent past. Electronic sounds rub shoulders with the authenticity of acoustic instruments and propel the song from the classical folk of Romain to the world of pop. As usual, Romain's distinguishable, endearing, and charismatic voice gives another dimension to this masterpiece of folk-pop.

Many will associate Romain's timber to the one of Nick Cave or other folk singers, but the truth is that Romain proves here that he has a voice like no-one else of his own with a clear-cut vocal style that makes him a accomplished artist who cannot be categorized easily. For the record, the chord progression contained in the verses of the song is directly inspired of the Study #1 by Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos, composed in Paris in 1928.

The arrangement has been done by Marc Bentel, a South-African music professional, who moved to Florida, USA after having won multiple awards with bands he was part of. It gives the song the symphonic and epic dimension it deserves, with a strong emotional progression in the orchestration. Marc also did the mixing and mastering of the single in his studio in Florida.

Reviewed by Ace Sway


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