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“NEW KICKS” by Gully

Gully is an independent singer/songwriter currently based in Bristol. Hailing originally from Portsmouth, his music began playing piano across the pubs of his hometown before drawing on the jazz and old soul influences of his repertoire and starting to write songs of his own.

Backed by his 6-piece band, including a brass trio, he has now garnered the praise of BBC Introducing in the West, Fresh On The Net, Radio Bristol and Radio Bath, drawing comparisons to the likes of Tom Misch, Amy Winehouse, Easy Life and Cosmo Pyke.

“New Kicks” is the latest track from Gully on July 22, 2022. The jazz and old soul influences show us what they are made of in a wild display of energy, grit, rage, and compassion. It’s a typical unsuspecting day, and the driving instrumentals line is rammed full of an eclectic mix of jazz.

Sonically, you can hear the new sounds that Gully has been learning and exploring, having spent the year immersed in jazz, bass nova and samba elements, and learning. The sound is a refreshing breather amongst the contemporary pop space thanks to an infusion of jazz and soul elements reminiscent. The new track encapsulates the flavor of Gully’s’ long-time music inspirations and marks a new chapter for him.

Reviewed by Ace Sway


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