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New single from Select Captain – "I WANT YOU"

Select Captain are creating their own blend of darkfolk, indie and electroamericana. They seek to create a unique, organic and ambient sound in a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments with the focus on strong melodies and a production that feels both modern and traditional at the same time. Creating a peculiar and personal soundscape. Like a meeting between Sufjan Stevens, The National, Thom Yorke & Depeche Mode. The lyrical themes tell a passionate, sensitive and personal story and the result is an emotional, but beautiful, collection of songs that in the end has a glimpse of light and optimism in the horizon.

Danish duo Select Captain are releasing new single "I Want You" as an early taste for what is yet to come on a new album set for release later this year. The album will be following up on their critically acclaimed album Comes In Waves from 2020 and will add new aspects to Select Captains sound and lyrical themes. With a slight hint to the 80’s and 90’s alternative indie-rock "I Want You" is an energetic, upbeat and catchy song that adds new aspects to Select Captains sonic palette grounded in solid melodies and their spherical indie-folk universe.

Release Date: Friday February 24th via Soundchest records.





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