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New Single "MOVIENDO" By JACE Carrillo

The new single "Moviendo" by JACE Carrillo captures the essence of latin tropical love .

On May 12, 2023, Venezuelan singer JACE Carrillo released his new single "Moviendo." The production, a collaboration between JACE and Panamanian artist Alyko, is the fifth release in a series of songs that will make up the album "Phenomena."

This song aims to transport listeners to a romantic universe on the beach, where a couple falls in love, evoking JACE's Caribbean and Venezuelan roots. The lyrics describe the chemistry between two lovers, comparing it to salt and water, a perfect mix that is part of the entire ocean. This romantic ambiance has been influenced by Spanish AfroPop, following in the footsteps of other artists such as Rema, Ric Hassani, Yera, and Omah Lay, creating a relaxing and joyful sensation.

JACE Carrillo wrote and produced the song with artist Alyko in his studio in Montreal. The result of their collaboration was taken to another level thanks to mixer Jacob Lacroix-Cardinal and master finisher Felipe Tichauer, who has won 12 Latin Grammy Awards.

JACE Carrillo's album "Phenomena" describes the journeys our hearts undertake in our interpersonal relationships, using the cosmos as inspiration. All of the album's songs are based on JACE's personal experiences with love, dating, romance, breakups, and accepting others' orientations and choices.

The cover of the "Moviendo" single shows JACE drowning in dark water, while the images depict JACE singing while swimming in turquoise water. All of these ideas were created by a multicultural team in Canada and Panama, who worked together to develop a concept for the "Phenomena" album.

The singer will perform an acoustic concert on May 25 in Montreal, accompanied by two musicians on guitar and piano. In addition to the Montreal concert, JACE will also perform at Canadian Music Week in Toronto from June 5 to 10, marking his second appearance at the event.





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