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“OF MUSES AND MUSIC (Volume One) by Kimmerly

KIMMERLY (born Carson Ruby Kimmerly) beg: seriously delving into music when she joined h middle school orchestra on the violin as a sixth grader. By the time she was in eighth grade she performing at a professional level, winning bot and ensemble awards at local competitions.

She began trying her hand at writing and producing her own contemporary music at the age of 15. After going through at least a dozen failed stage name attempts, she settled on the stage name KIMMERLY and started to develop her brand.

Of muses and music is an inspirational 4-track EP from Kimmerly. This brings our hearts out, drawing shapes out of the stars and breathing a language on heartfelt and heartwarming lyrics. Kimmerly’s pensive and thoughtful vocal tone is endearing, a loving reflection of her opaque sensibilities. The simple instrumentation caters to such a captivating tone. Charging from sunflowers I to sunflowers II-guitar and violin.

This is a lush and colourful track that pulls me into their heart and relational mindfulness. A brilliant storytelling approach to songwriting, highlights this wonderfully melodic and just ever so edgy drawn vocal. With relentless releases, she is set to release her second album on August 19th. Kimmerly will be serving us with buffet at lunch with "Mona Lisa" her first single off the upcoming album to quench our thirst. Pre-save commences July 29th. Keep still and enjoy.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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