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“OH NO!” by TylaPaid

TylaPaid is a genre ender. He makes music from hip hop, all the way EDM music. He is a very versatile artist and he loves being out of his comfort zone when it comes to making music. TylaPaid likes to make vibey, catchy music that everyone will want to sing along.

His most popular songs that have out are "Wasted" (pop rock), "Calling Again" (Rap), and "Live My Life" (EDM). Each of those songs have over 4,000 streams each. He also have an album out called "The Last Genrebender".

His brand new single that he just dropped in June 2022 called "Oh No!" is spotted here on ace of swords and it‘s a banger.

He uncorks this piece with nice swell on opening titles. His reactions to starts and stops of dramatic action within the song was very well done and excellently executed. Percussion choices work well with the tone and I thought you allowed for space within the music that matched the narrative. Check this masterpiece out on all major platforms.

Reviewed by Ace Sway


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