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Olivier Gronier - "Stories of Our Lives"

A song about Love, hope, freedom in a time of war.

Tribute for Ukraine.

All proceeds for Red Cross

Former drummer of the band QRS, songwriter, Olivier Gronier spends his time transforming the words and notes that fall on him into little bits of colorful sounds. From Tears for Fears to Hey Rosetta !, passing by Dan Wilson, Justin Currie and Marc Lavoine, his influences are as numerous as his dreams. In 2021, he released his first album, "Pareidolias", a tribute to pretenses, uncertain quests and the complexity of feelings. Surrounded by the voices of many talented artists, one by one he lays the musical stones of a painful and living journey, colored with hope and sweet melancholy. Always with Love. Universe is made of stories not atoms. « Pareidolias » is just another story of his universe.


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