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“OVERRATED” by The Freight

The Freight are an upbeat fusion of Rock N' Roll, Blues Rock, Soul and Jam mixed with a

contemporary Modern Rock edge. The Freight embrace influence from every avenue of Rock. From classic vintage sounds that started it all to 80's and 90's rock revolutions.

Hailing from Boston Ma, their influences include a wide variety of artists including;

The Stones, Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Cars, The Police, The Allman Brothers Band, The Black Keys and Gov't Mule to name a few.

A profoundly affecting opening greets the listener as Overrated’ opens the release to a warm and inviting vibe. We adore the punchy production and layered instrumentation that lay a solid foundation for The Freight’s soulful vocal performance to shine.

The title track ‘Overrated’ is a stand-out song complete with catchy melodies and relatable lyrics. The guitar riffs sing out, complimenting the vocals. In addition, the score takes the track in a rockier direction keeping the listener on their toes. The later symphony hears intelligent chordal progressions and closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more!

Reviewed by Ace Sway


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