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Passing Moments, Caught Forever By Kingseeker

Passing Moments, Caught Forever
Passing Moments, Caught Forever Cover Art

In Kingseeker's new album, "Passing Moments, Caught Forever," they've dialled it up a notch, giving us a raw and real experience. Forget the fancy musical extras – it's all about heavy riffs, catchy choruses, and Jan's intense screams.

Taking a break for almost a year didn't slow them down. Recorded at Toproom Studio and produced by Emil Bringsli, the album keeps that live energy we love from Kingseeker. Shoutout to Delta Options for the cool artwork and Harvey Productions for the streaming support.

But it's not just about the music. Kingseeker's journey is a ride from their debut album's success to a killer EP and now this new chapter. Jan, the guy belting out those powerful vocals, even shares his favorite heavy releases in 2023, shining a light on the underground scene and their Nordic roots.

Passing Moments, Caught Forever

As they drop another single, you can feel the gratitude. The band is back, stronger than ever, with a sound that's in your face and straight from the heart.

"Passing Moments, Caught Forever" is a no-nonsense trip into the feels, making you think about those moments that stick with you. Props to Kingseeker for keeping it real.


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