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Pheno Duece - "Just Keep Waiting Snippet"

Pheno Duece, in this year released "Just Keep Waiting Snippet" (Demo) on Aug 16, 2022 , and it's available on SOUNDCLOUD.

"Just Keep Waiting Snippet" is a very subtle offering to the hip hop community with subject matter that speaks to hopes, dreams, ownership, a hint of current world affairs and tug of war of emotions.

Fans of the genre will enjoy how the hip-hop beat is weaved into a tapestry of dreamy bass drum and atmosphere with multicolored threads. The refined and layered vocal harmonies give the soundscape even more depth, richness, and variety. The vocal performance is understated but moving; it is skillfully composed but in no way fake.


"I was barely 23 when I bought that coupe.

Now I'm turning 26. It's time I dropped the roof because ain't no limitations.

It's been over 400 years. Shit. Fuck them. Reparations.

Y'all ain't never owned no land.What you know about gentrification?

I got Uncle Sam paying me new a segregation. Man wasn't meant to fly. That's why it's so hard elevating.

God said he got me but it's getting hard to stay patient, cuss the devil on my shoulder and he asking me to switch over. "

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Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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