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Prime Sinister - "Barium" (Prod. Prime Sinister)

Prime Sinister is easily one of the best rising up-and-coming talents in UK Hip-Hop. As the

creator of his own rhyme style, Prime Sinister has pushed the genre to never-before-seen

heights with his dizzying,intricate wordplay and otherworldly lyrics.

Stunning crowds throughout London, Prime Sinister has catapulted himself into the upper echelon of his field and has 1.5 million streams on Spotify alone. He has worked with every big name in UK Hip-

Hop, and hislast album, 'Patient Zero' was produced by arguably the 12 best producers in

the genre's history and has put Prime Sinister firmly on the map.

'Barium' is the first single from Prime Sinister's second album, 'Long Live Syllablism'. It was self-produced and will be promoted through a music video that will be posted on various popular music video outlets in the UK. The song was mixed and mastered by Thomas Cullison, of Kayne West and Pharrell fame, and the video will be directed by renowned director Kaylum Dennis. It is written in Prime Sinister's acclaimed, unique lyrical style, 'Syllablism', which is the use of syllables to rhyme.



Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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