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Proklaim on "Promised Land": A Nostalgic Boom Bap Journey

Promised Land by Proklaim cover art

Taking a trip down memory lane, Namibian rapper Proklaim transports listeners to the heart of early 2000s hip-hop with his single "Promised Land." Released in July 2022, the track feels like a unearthed gem, dusty with nostalgia yet vibrant with fresh energy.

Proklaim's love for this iconic era is evident in every element. Lush soul samples bathe the soundscape, reminiscent of artists like Slum Village and early Kanye West. Boom-bap beats, a staple of the golden age, create a solid foundation for Proklaim's lyrical prowess. Interestingly, the song ditches the traditional hook structure, opting for continuous verses that seamlessly flow together. This unconventional approach keeps listeners engaged, hanging on to Proklaim's every witty and insightful word.

Proklaim on Promised Land

Speaking of words, Proklaim doesn't disappoint. "Promised Land" tackles a multitude of life experiences – aspirations, struggles, and the unwavering spirit that helps us overcome. Lines like "Life's a battlefield with many a foe, gotta keep my hustle flowin' though" depicts perseverance, a sentiment that resonates deeply with anyone who's ever faced adversity.

"Promised Land" is a perfect example of how an artist can pay homage to their influences while still carving their own path. It's a listen that will surely resonate with fans of old-school hip-hop, but its timeless themes and infectious energy make it a track anyone can appreciate.




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