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Qwiet Type - "My Dear"

The exciting creative force that is Qwiet Type returns with yet another sterling piece of electrifying anthemic alternative rock that combines killer guitar hooks, ambiance-inducing sonic textures, and a distinct vocal performance that manages to capture the very essence of the alternative rock genre brilliantly, resulting in a track that would sound just as welcome on a big elaborate stage as it would in a more intimate setting. As with any Qwiet Type tune both atmosphere and melody play an absolutely vital role and give the music its instantly recognizable sense of character, from the almost dreamlike qualities that weave their way through the free-flowing vocal lines to the deliciously crunchy riff-work and ground-shaking rhythms that serve as the main driving forces behind the tracks engaging sense of momentum, "My Dear" is another sure-fire winner for Qwiet Type and will undoubtedly get those hands raised and bodies moving.

As with any Qwiet Type track both the performances and writing in "My Dear" is of an exceptionally high standard, not only does each and every performance showcase a level of maturity and attention to detail that allows the intricacies of the writing to be fully realized but there's a definite feeling of synergy between each and every performer that injects the music with both a profound sense of character and the necessary musical depth required to be continually absorbing from that very first crunchy riff to the beautifully ambient guitar that brings the track to a satisfying close. Adopting that modern distorted sonic aesthetic that is prevalent in the modern alternative rock scene, "My Dear" makes excellent use of its pushed-to-the-point of breakup drum elements, tonally rich and timbrally contrasting guitar layers, and highly compelling, charisma-infused vocals, offering a listening experience that will satiate the most hungry of music lovers.

"My Dear" is a solid piece of indie/alternative rock songwriting and I'm sure lovers of these genres will have a great time with it.

target suggestions:

Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Kasabian, Kings of Leon, Maroon 5, Coldplay, Muse, Arcade Fire, Cage The Elephant, X Ambassadors, OneRepublic, Twenty-One Pilots, The Score, Oh The Larceny, BANNERS


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