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RA2Z is a rapper from Grenoble with various influences. Active for many years as an independent, he has to his credit the projects "13228" and "Carrière", released respectively in 2017 and 2018, which allowed him to make himself known and to chain the first parts for artists such as Josman, Doum's or Nepal. For his project "Sablier" he decided to push his professionalization even further by proposing a more conceptual and better mastered album. He returns today with his 4th project, "Désert Blanc" where very sincere and intimate tracks such as the touching "Désert Blanc" and lighter and second-degree tracks such as "Nouvelle Ex" mingle.

With "Comme papa" Ra2z is not afraid to explore the dark side of his person and of the human race. It lists the bad ones Actions of his father and warns his companion in him meaning that he has in essence this part of him in his DNA. This brutal autobiographical story is carried by an instrumental heavy and dark drill on which Ra2z pours a flow aggressive and technical that supports the fatalism of his writings. The black and white aesthetic of the clip will seek its inspirations.



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