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Rafi Jag releases “MY LOVE”

Canadian Artist and Model RAFI JAG has you shimmying to the smooth bounce of his dance and masterpiece, while falling into an indulgent emotional whirlpool in ‘My Love’. The melody is a perfect mixture of drum bass, cymbals and keys that has you gently moving to the rhythm. Rafi Jag’s vocals bring an intimate feeling to the track as he draws you close and fills you with the soft emotions he infuses into each word.

"Never forget the ones who saw greatness in you even in your darkest moments." World Championships of Performing Arts Multi - Medalist

“My Love“ released on this perfect day of July 8, 2022. is making and breaking records with its outstanding score. Heartwarming vocals on the chorus running throughout the song is one factor that takes you to the end of the song unknowingly as you enjoy the score.

Reviewed by Ace Sway


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