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80s inspired synth pop with a synth wave flavour. Rogue FX is Andrew Wood from North East England Returned to music in 2022 after over 20 years after previous releases with the dance music group Bass Value in the 90s.

I have a small, purple bruise on my left arm. I don’t know where it came from or even how long it’s been there. I noticed it the other day and pressed my thumb onto it just to see if it was real. A warm, pulsing ache emerged from the spot. But then, I felt strangely comforted as the pain receded. So I pressed on it again, and enjoyed the sensation of the pain dissipating, being absorbed by the rest of me.

In the same way, Rogue FX‘s new track ”RETROBUTION”, after presses on an ache I didn’t know I had and then offers a kind of subdued comfort. Relaxed, steady, melancholy drum rhythms invite a soothing atmosphere. I adore the approach of the effects and up tempo score in this song. It doesn’t play a leading role at all, yet its meandering in and out of the driving piece and vocals, with its melancholy voice, seems to echo something familiar inside.

And just when we’re in a moderate state of introspection, long, beautiful pulls on the bow of the cello pull us to even deeper places. There’s no better time to dive into his euphoric sound. Stream “RETROBUTION” now!

Reviewed by Ace Sway

this article was created via Musosoup #Sustainablecurator



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