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Ruby Duff - "TT Star"

Presenting a musical exposé on the social media platform that changed everything: TikTok.

Ruby Duff is releasing her new single, “TT Star”, on October 21st. Take a peek into the harsh

yet rewarding realities of influencer stardom.

Stream Here.

Ruby Duff is a 24-year-old alternative pop artist from the UK whose influences include Labrinth, Bon Iver, and Judy Garland. Notion Magazine describes Ruby’s sound as, “full of exuberance,

bursting with surprises and theatrical experimentation.”

Ruby has had an exciting introduction to the music industry with top playlisting (including New

Music Friday) for all six of her singles released with Lloyd Webber’s label, The Other Songs.

More recently, she has signed to US based artist incubator and creative technology studio, HIFI

Labs, to release her highly anticipated EP.

Ruby Duff’s Statement About “TT Star”

TT Star’ started somewhat as a joke, driven from the saying, “If you can’t beat them, then join


The aftermath of the past two years has flung me into an ever-changing music career that I no longer understand. I grew up watching my Dad play in old school rock and roll bands back when

the music world was as simple as writing good tunes and playing them live (with a beer or two in

between of course.)

Now, we have social media, which I don't need to bore you with the pros and cons of but more

recently it has made me think about how I could fit into the world of Tik Tok…How could I be a

star on the app?

‘TT Star’ is about how far social media has come and how it is a great business tool but also at

the risk of your own mental health.

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