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“SAME TIME” by Spiky & Lord Ju

Founded in 2009, the Spiky Music Group and Management companies are owned and steered by the creative and incomparable talents of Spiky Malvasio. A gold and platinum award-winning publisher and 2014 BMI "Writer of the Year" award winner, Spiky discovers, develops, and works personally with handpicked artists to help cultivate the next generation of breakout musical talent.

Same Time is a driving barrage of energy and molten sonic terroir. Taking the driving wheel, Spiky pulls the listener in a journey that travels deep into the recess of homophobia and the joys of falling in love. Drawing on new energy and inspiration that comes from an amazing Artist. Spiky is the marker of this outstanding piece and ultimate desire to spark the emotion of her fans.

Awesome musicianship and production cannot save this release from being great ambient background music. Nothing sticks to ribs on this release, leaving the listener hungry for something more. Plenty of promise and potential. Best and more to come. Same Time is the anthem and opens the speaker out loud and enjoy every bit of it.

Reviewed by ACE SWAY.



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