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SandalBoyKwenze - “6(2) / Ezenwanyi”

SandalBoyKwenze - “6(2) / Ezenwanyi”
SandalBoyKwenze - “6(2) / Ezenwanyi”

SandalBoyKwenze, also known as Cozy, a Los Angeles-born and raised Igbo creative, embraces the hippie lifestyle as a Black anarchist and anime lover. He found solace in music from a young age, using it as a means of emotional expression. Taking a break from school at 19, he began making music with friends in his apartment. Through therapy and self-discovery, he realized his purpose is to help others and challenge oppressive systems.

What is one to do when the distance between them and their loved one spans the Atlantic Ocean? For SandalBoyKwenze, the answer is to express his longing in the best way he knows how, through his music. His mesmerizing single, “6(2)/ Ezenwanyi” was written for and inspired by a connection he made with a woman he describes as a “mystic being.” A connection he didn’t anticipate forming, let alone altering his view on love entirely.

The single itself features a series of recordings of SandalBoyKwenze’s friends and their first impressions after meeting said love interest, coated by a dreamy, hypnotizing melody. Throughout the track, we are taken through the artist’s psyche, and are reminded of the inexplicable feelings associated with falling for another human being.

In this latest offering by SandalBoyKwenze, we are shown vulnerability in its truest form. With the release of this single, the Los Angeles-based artist is slowly carving a creative path in which he can feel and be felt by others.

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