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Sissel Juliana Releases New Song «Seeking Acceptance” midnight to 14th October

Sissel Juliana is a young upcoming artist with Romanian and Filipino decent. She moved to Norway with her mother when she was 5 years old. Music and songwriting became her therapy when she grew up in a household witnessing lots of alcohol- and drug abuse.

“Seeking Acceptance” is my second single, but it’s the first single I share about my upbringing and feelings about not being good enough for my family. I’ve always resonated with hip hop and rap music, and that’s why I chose to have a rap verse in this single.

I’m excited to show this side of me, and I hope it resonates with other people who feels like they aren’t good enough despite of them being strong and struggling throughout their childhood.

This is not the last time you’ll hear about Sissel Juliana. After the listen, follow her on her social medias for updates.

Instagram: @sisseljuliana


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