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Sibling duo making neo-soul/R&B flavoured music with Jazz and pop influences scattered throughout. Emma’s smooth vocals float above grooving beats, melodic bass lines, and lots of Seb’s trademark horn arrangements.

Lyrical subjects ranging from female empowerment to childhood nostalgia compliment more traditional themes of romance and good times, all delivered tastefully with a sassy yet occasionally tongue-in-cheek tone.

"Stop lying to yourself, you cannot fake a connection, I do not need your protection..." This line, repeated over and over in the outro, is the fundamental idea behind this tune. Close friends headed

for inevitable romance; yet while one side yearns for it, the other is reluctant to acknowledge their feelings. This passionate and sultry, yet cautious track is the first single from sibling duo Skelly's debut album.

With its delicate neo-soul flavoured production and tastefully close-knit horns from producer Seb, singer Emma’s melodic vocal lines soar over top flush with emotion and tenderness.


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