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“SKETCHES IN THE SAND” by Milo Scaglioni

Milo Scaglioni is a songwriter, musician and teacher of English currently based in Milan. Hailing from the north of Italy, he grew into adulthood in the northern English city of Manchester before moving back to Milan. Starting in music by teaching himself to play bass while in high school, going through extensive touring during his younger years with the likes of Jim Noir; The Beep Seals, Jennifer Gentle, Dellera and Sonic Jesus, he grew a voice of his own through his critically acclaimed debut album "A Simple Present". Where "A Simple Present" drew inspiration from late 60's psychedelia (see early Pink Floyd and Traffic) and songwriters such as Elliott Smith and Nick Drake.

His second collection of songs, has a broader musical palette ranging from David Bowie's Berlin trilogy and neo psychedelia to elements of 90's rock music spanning from grunge to the Manchester sound. With a strong batch of songs at his disposal he has found the perfect partnership with classically trained multi-instrumentalist producer and author Angelo Di Mino. The lush arrangements and the presence of Enrico Gabrielli (on flute and saxophone) on five songs make a truly eclectic album.

Sketches in the sand is a new track released by Milo Scaglioni, produced by Angelo Di Mino and distributed by Believe Music. The song is a melancholy ballad of loss, acceptance and rebirth. It tells about the emotional states following the end of love. The title alludes to the ephemeral nature of all life, including passion and love and to the importance of being able to see beauty while it lasts. Images and metaphors describe the feeling of abandonment and worthlessness felt by the protagonist and how they lead to acceptance and a new awareness. It's about the necessity of not giving in to complete

despair, about the value of living through pain before being able to turn the page, about the ability of making a new start while keeping memory of all the love that is no more.

Reviewed by Ace Sway


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