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Skuadossa - "Aie confiance en moi"

"Aie confiance en moi " which translates in English as Be Trusted In Yourself, the shocking and rousing first single from SKUADOSSA.

Skuadossa is an author, composer and performer of French nationality. She grew up in a family of artists (singer father, singer sister and rapper brother). Being young the music does not interest her, she just likes to topline on instrumentals.

In 2019, she joined the group LE KLAN SKUAD which is made up of 2 rappers, 2 singers and 1 sound engineer. She just takes care of the group's social networks and helps find toplines.

In 2020, she gives herself a challenge, to write these songs, make these melodies and interpret them. She calls on a JUSTY RNB YOURSELF vocal coach to improve her singing, to be comfortable on stage and to have confidence in herself, because she has never sung before.

The vocal coach and her team contribute so that her first song "Aie Confidence en toi" sees the light of day. In August she collaborated with the singers of the group LE KLAN SKUAD to make a danceable summer music, the title is “Kif" , it's the moment! She shoots her first clip, she calls on the director Sébastien Berjon who works with the stuntman coordinator FUN X RADERS.

On November 08, 2021 "Aie confiance en moi" was released on all download platforms and the clip.

At the end of 2021, Skuadossa participates in a CMCSTUDIO masterclass to learn the craft of an artist as she is an independent artist. Other projects are coming in 2022. Skuadossa is a strong, mysterious and sensitive person who will have a lot of committed songs and dancing songs.

Social networks

Instagram: Skuadossa

Facebook: Skuadossa

Tiktok: Skuadossa

Youtube: Skuadossa Music

Spotify: Skuadossa


Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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