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Madeleine Rauch on "Something Real": A Soulful Pursuit of Authenticity

"Something Real" single by Madeleine Rauch cover art

In her latest single, "Something Real," Madeleine Rauch takes listeners on a profoundly personal journey through the depths of her yearning for genuine connection and fulfillment.

With her signature blend of raspy vocals and smooth harmonies, the Berlin-born, LA-based artist delivers a celestial R&B anthem that resonates with anyone who has ever felt lost in the superficiality of modern life. The track opens with a gentle guitar riff and atmospheric synth pads, setting the tone for Rauch's raw and honest lyrics. "I need something real, something that frees my mind and makes me feel," she sings, her voice dripping with vulnerability and longing.

The instrumentation builds gradually, with the addition of drums and trap-inspired hi-hats, creating a downtempo, yet dynamic soundscape that perfectly complements the emotional weight of the song.

Madeleine Rauch on "Something Real" photo
Madeleine Rauch

Her lyrics touch on themes of anxiety, self-doubt, and the constant pursuit of greatness, offering a candid glimpse into her inner struggles. "Nothing feels like me, anxiety don't really help," she admits, before affirming her determination with the line, "I don't want to be okay, I want to be great."

Madeleine Rauch's soulful delivery and poetic lyrics create a powerful and resonant experience. With this release, she solidifies her status as a remarkable storyteller and a voice that demands to be heard.




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