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“SPICY” by Spiky & Tevin Baker





Singer-Songwriter Christine Malvasio with the stage name Spiky will release an outstanding masterpiece "spicy" with Tevin Baker.

“I Luv Tis Shit”. Therefore, undoubtedly, I have worked behind the scenes to assist in the careers of other artists. However, having the love and support of my colleagues for my work is not only incredible but also a huge blessing”

— Spiky Music Group

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Founded in 2009, the Spiky Music Group and Management companies are owned and steered by the creative and incomparable talents of Christine Malvasio AKA Spiky. Spiky is a multiple award winning ‘Feisty’ talented creative. Award winning producer/song writer and publisher, including 2014 BMI “Writer of the Year”. In her office hangs 10 plaques, A Gold & Platinum Single, 3 Gold Albums, 3 Platinum Albums & 2 Double Platinum Albums. Spiky discovers, develops, and works personally with handpicked artists to help cultivate the next generation of breakout musical talent. SPIKY's most recent adventure has taken her into ARTIST mode. This is a very exciting time in her career since up until now she has been behind the scenes supporting other artists’ careers. She is mostly known for artist management, publishing, administration, and distribution services for others.

She thought, since she's in the music business why not have a song written and use it to market her new clothing line. The support she received from her peers was not only amazing but a huge blessing in developing the overall feel of the brand. Together Grammy-winning producer, JonFX and Platinum award-winning songwriter, Azriel Reckley created an undeniable smash. Now the question was, Can she sing? SPIKY jumped in the booth and did her very best of course.


Her two AssMazing videos in a strange way make you want to get up and dance, its groovy yet moody, gives you the chance to shake your hips and run into a trance you will never like to come out. It’s clear that this Artist whistle to the beat of her own tune. This has shown a huge positive response to listeners like you. Spiky is proving time and time again that she will provide you with music of all realms and have various topics, some being fun and some being meaningful. They were not filmed only as a visual but to showcase two very different vibes of the overall Spiky brand. This in itself is unique, especially that it's my first song every released as an artist. When has another independent artist released 4 singles on the same day, followed up with two high quality videos as well as continue to release a new single each month after ? WHO? SPIKY doing it "The Spiky Way"! I want to give the readers an overall big picture through following my processes. I defiantly have an "out of the box" Marketing plan I'm implanting on myself. Everyone keeps asking me, Why are you putting out so many different versions of AssMazing?

Why did you do them with each additional main artist? Why are you releasing a single every month? Why two videos of the same song?

They will just have to follow along on my "Making Spiky an artist" journey to get the answers and see where I end up. I can only guarantee an "AssMazing" time along the way. "There is a method to my madness”


Fans of Spiky’s music will be excited to learn that she will add to her diverse catalog, releasing "SPICY," on October 28, 2022. A catchy song, "Spicy" RandB Artist, Tevin Baker as an additional main Artist. Tevin was discovered by a multi-platinum selling artist, Flo Rida. Are you ready to take off and step foot onto another world? “SPICY” will take you there. Even with its bright melody and catchy refrain, the song carries a very deep message. It's a whole package of the way people live, taking care more of the concrete things such as LOVE. Behind a deceptively understated and, dare we say, “Spicy” track cover lies one of richest, rhythmic, and musically dynamic projects released in 2022. Tevin pulls the listeners who might not be familiar with him in a journey that travels into the recess of a glimpse into why he is one of the US must-see vocalists.


Tevin Baker is a singer, songwriter, and actor from Deerfield Beach, FL. Tevin got his start as one of millions of teenagers uploading YouTube videos of himself covering other artists' songs. Baker was subsequently discovered by

multi-platinum selling artist Flo Rida and got his official start in the music industry. In 2020 at the height of the pandemic, Tevin released his first single ‘somebody’ and is expected to release new music this fall.

The song finds Spiky using her power packed vocal to declare that her days of being taken for granted, mistreated and devalued are over. On “Spicy” Spiky reminds listeners of the importance of their Love, Sensual and spiritual care, and that others will favor all of those things if they are allowed to do so. That one person- Ride or Die who can hold you tight and take on to cloud nine.


"AssMazing, Same Time and Spicy" were released on Spiky’s Label: Diamond Distro.

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AssMazing” is a pulsating, pounding celebration of female strength and sex appeal, all rolled up into on song - The Source Same

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