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Suncatchers Take Flight on "Audio Bicycle Day" -A Memorable Journey Through Time

The Suncatchers ABD by Ari Joshua and the Music Factory Records

BigEntertainmentArt (BEA): Ari, your new single "Audio Bicycle Day" from the Music Factory Records has an incredibly unique vintage sound. What was the inspiration behind this track?

The main inspiration was to capture that classic organ trio vibe from the 60s and 70s, but give it our own modern twist. We recorded everything analog using old school techniques and vintage gear to really nail that nostalgic, cinematic feel. The old analog synths and Joe's incredible organ work are what give it that noir film atmosphere.

BEA: Speaking of that classic sound, can you tell us more about the people involved and how the recording process went down?

Absolutely. This is the core trio of myself on guitar, the phenomenal Joe Doria on organ, and the rock solid Brad Gibson on drums. We have such a cool chemistry playing together. We tracked the basic take live at Studio Litho, completely analog, to get those raw, spontaneous vibes. My man Floyd Reitsma was behind the board capturing the magic.

BEA: And I understand there are some other very special guests on extended versions of this track?

You're right! We actually cut some other wild renditions featuring guys like Ray Paczkowski and Russ Lawton from Trey Anastasio Band, as well as Delvon Lamarr and Skerik. Those take the explorations even further out into the cosmic realms. But this radio edit is the core vibe.

BEA: The melodic themes and organic textures are so evocative. It really does transport you to another time and place. What were you aiming to achieve sonically?

Our goal was to sculpt an auditory journey that envelops the listener in a lush, nostalgic ambiance. From Joe's gorgeous organ melodies to the shimmering guitars and immersive drums, we wanted every element to just draw you into the experience. Like stepping into an old film reel or a waking dream.

The Suncatchers

BEA: Was there a specific mood or feeling you aimed to evoke?

Absolutely! We wanted "Audio Bicycle Day" to be a transportive experience. A chance for listeners to close their eyes and escape into a world of classic visuals and warm, nostalgic sounds.

BigEntertainmentArt:  Mission accomplished! This is a fantastic first single. Are there any exciting plans for future releases from The Suncatchers?

We actually have a couple of exciting versions of "Audio Bicycle Day" in the works!  There's a rendition featuring Ray and Russ from The Trey Anastasio Band, and another with Delvon Lamarr and Skerik. And we'd like to share a big gratitude to Music Factory Records. Stay tuned for those!




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