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SXMSIDY's Fresh Release “TIED”

Sxmsidy is a French-born singer and musician who has spent time in both the UK and the US. Growing up surrounded by music, he started playing the drums at the age of seven and quickly became interested in music theory and playing multiple instruments. Over time, Sxmsidy's passion for singing led him to write his first song in elementary school, and he began producing beats after being introduced to digital audio workstations. He enjoys mixing different styles, including Hip Hop/Trap and RnB or Pop, and strives to create unique melodies that reflect his instantaneous feelings.

Sxmsidy's second music release, "Lot of Love", which he produced entirely on his own, was an overnight local success, receiving over 40K spins across Spotify and Soundcloud. He has since released five more songs and has even created his own record label, OutofTime Records (OOT), with the motto "By us, For us". Despite his success, Sxmsidy remains committed to pushing the boundaries of his art and creating innovative music that defies genre conventions. With his unique sound and innovative approach to music production, Sxmsidy is quickly becoming known for his creativity and talent in the music industry.

The single "Tied" has been released as the latest addition to the artist's music catalog. The creation process involved a focus on developing a captivating atmosphere through the use of misty, bright, and dark sounds. The theme of the song centers around the powerful connection that can exist between two people, exploring both the bright side of hope and the dark side of obsession and possessiveness. Although the song is not as somber as previous works, it retains a sense of urgency and protectiveness throughout. The release of "Tied" represents the artist's personal growth and dedication to creating music that resonates with their audience.





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