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"The Drawer" by Kelsie Kimberlin: A Captivating Debut EP

"The Drawer" ep by Kelsie Kimberlin cover art

Kelsie Kimberlin's highly anticipated debut EP, "The Drawer," is a captivating musical journey that unveils the depth of her artistry. Released on May 31st, 2024, the eight-track collection showcases Kelsie's remarkable versatility, taking listeners through a range of emotions and personal stories.

THE DRAWER album by Kelsie Kimberlin cover art

The title track, "The Drawer," sets the tone with its powerful narrative of a toxic relationship transformed into newfound strength. Kelsie's warm vocals and the rich textures of the accompaniment create an intimate atmosphere, inviting listeners into her world. Tracks like "Meet Me Anywhere" and the celebratory anthem "Twinkle" demonstrate Kelsie's ability to effortlessly blend heartfelt pleas with uplifting messages of self-acceptance.

FATAL ATTRACTION by Kelsie Kimberlin cover art

One of the standout tracks, "Fatal Attraction," delves into the darker realms of desire with its jittery rock-infused pulse. On the other hand, "January Through December" offers a introspective pop ballad, cherishing life's simple pleasures over imagined comforts. The Latin-inspired "Parking Lot," charmingly shot in Cartagena, showcases Kelsie's fluency in global influences, while "Summertime's Gone" tugs at the heartstrings with its bittersweet ode to the fleeting nature of passion.

As the EP draws to a close, "Recovery" resonates deeply, with Kelsie humbly owning up to her past faults and illustrating the challenging yet rewarding journey toward healing and growth.

"The Drawer" is a remarkable debut, showcasing Kelsie Kimberlin's masterful songcraft, range, and emotional depth. With each track, she invites listeners into her world, exploring the multifaceted drawers of life – relationships, identities, seasons, and well-being – with empathy and insight. Kelsie's vivacious vocals and her ability to infuse pop with elements of rock, Latin, and balladry make "The Drawer" a truly captivating listen from start to finish.




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