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“THE FLOOD (Dark Light Remix)” by Night Tongue

Night Tongue are a darkwave art band based originally from Australia, now based out of Los

Angeles. Led by songwriting/film composition duo Carisa Bianca Mellado (vocals, bass, synth) and Andrew Dalziell (vocals, guitar, cello, drums), they are an eclectic, genre-bending band, incorporating multiple styles, including post-punk, southern gothic, shoegaze, doom metal, goth rock with hints of jazz, soul, folk, world, and classical music.

Night Tongue use mythic themes to explore the depths of human nature, sexuality, spirituality, vulnerability, desire, trauma and the cycles of life and death using myth as metaphor to express the human experience. Their sonic storytelling expands into the world of film scoring as the duo also work as a film composition team.

After the first listen, you’ll be hooked and have THE FLOOD (Dark Light Remix) on repeat, it’s then you’ll notice the gem behind the lyrics. It’s the kind of song that will bring a smile to your face when you hear it. Night Tongue has made their introduction and it’s a great meeting, “THE FLOOD (Dark Light Remix)” is a song that everyone can and will enjoy. It has a downbeat tone which will make you shimmer yet brooding lyrics which will make you think.

This piece also features the inspiring vocals which already makes the song unique, on top of that the introduction is epic. It’s takes you on a ride and you have no idea where you’re going to end up, but that’s what makes it great. Night Tongue is sure to release another hit song, keep an eye out and blast “THE FLOOD (Dark Light Remix)”.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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