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THE IRISH ROVERS Nominated for Single of the Year 'Canadian Folk Music Awards'

  • 'Dinosaursof the Music scene are up for a 2023 Canadian Folk Music Award

Last year began with the legendary Irish Rovers hitting Spotify’s VIRAL TOP 50 in both the US and UK/Ireland, and ended with recording a new album, No End In Sight.They thank Scotsman Nathan Evans for renewing the popularity of the sea shanty and have included their original 1977 version of “The Wellerman" on the new album (with a new happier ending).

The popular No End In Sight album includes a new anthem for our time, Hey Boys Sing Us A Song

which has just been nominated Canadian Folk Music Awards' 2023 Single of the Year. The song, written by Rovers co-founder and Victoria Oak Bay resident, George Millar was inspired by the last few years of frustrations and includes his welcome refrain, “We all need some happiness back in our lives!"

Video, Hey Boys Sing Us A Song, filmed at the Irish Times

Perhaps the longest span of years for honors for any band?...

In 1968, Winner, "Folk Group of the Year" by the predecessor of the JUNO Awards

In 1969 GRAMMY nomination for "Folk Performance of the Year”.

In 1975 JUNO Nomination for Best Album Cover, "Emigrate! Emigrate!”

In 1981 JUNO Nomination for Single of the Year, "Wasn’t That A Party”

In 1981 JUNO Nomination for Folk Artist of the Year

In 1982 JUNO Nomination for Group of the Year

In 1982 JUNO Nomination for Country Group of the Year

In 1982 JUNO Nomination for Folk Artist of the Year

In 1983 JUNO Nomination for Country Group of the Year

In 2010VIMAWinners for SOCAN Song of the Year, "Gracehill Fair"

In 2022 Folk Music Awards Nominated for Single of the Year, "Hey Boys Sing Us A Song”

NOTE: The Rovers refer to themselves and other music veterans as Dinosaurs on the last song of the

new "No End in Sight”album. A tribute to the old crusty musicians who have paid their dues and are still going strong today in an environment that is hostile to their survival.

Over the last 57 years, Ireland has felt the impact of The Irish Rovers long career of bringing Ireland and Irish music

to the rest of the world.The Rovers were honored in N. Ireland and in Dublin for all they have done over the years for the music industry and promoting Ireland across North America and beyond. They were also honored and hosted in Dublin by EPIC Museum Director Mervyn Greene as one of Ireland’s greatest émigrés.

The Rovers became so much a part of the Canadian culture that Canada’s Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau asked them to become Canadian citizens so they could represent Canada around the world.

In 1968, The Irish Rovers had a breakout hit with their second album, The Unicorn. That album and ‘lucky little ditty’ of a title track written by Shel Silverstein, took them from folk clubs of America to concert halls and television sets worldwide.

The band returned to the charts 15 more times, nevertheless, the magic of The Unicorn remained. To pay appropriate tribute on its Gold Anniversary in 2017, the Rovers released “The Unicorn, The Continuing Story” with new recordings of the original Unicorn album, plus the sequel to The Unicorn song, which gave us the answer to an age old question: "What happened to the Unicorns when the ark left them stranded on the shore?”

Twitter: @TheIrishRovers



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