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"TIPSY" by Jus2wo

Every once in a while the conveyer belt of talent churns out something unique, innovative, and authentic. Jus2wo is the prime example of an artist that is defined by raw talent and authenticity. The enigma is at the center of a new era in Afro Fusion and Reggae Dancehall. He is carving out a brand

new sound that will resonate deeply with audiences across the globe. Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Jus2wo seeks to tell stories with his music and move people. Having spent a few years in Jamaica in his early teens as well as being raised by a Jamaican mother.

His music is filled with relatable topics that are grounded in reality and maintain a very real and authentic feel that is encapsulated by an edgy and trendy modern sound. He is poised to grace the world's biggest stages and become the biggest Reggae Fusion artist to come from the USA There is no doubt that Jus2wo will have a profound effect on the industry with his multifaceted approach.

Jus2wo captures an ideal Hip hop beauty within it "Tipsy". Its trap-influenced drum beat gives it a nice chill hop feel, and the ethereal vocals are sure to capture your attention. Jus2wo uses this single to show just what he can do with his voice. He does an amazing job at singing both softly and powerfully, and he has a way of dashing the perfect amount of hip-hop flow into things. Listening to this track feels so nice. It has an absolute chill vibe, and it’s the perfect song to have your on repeat.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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