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Travis Shyn - "I WOULD RIDE FOR YOU"

Travis Shin Chun Myung Yi, aka Travis Shyn 42 years old, is a Korean America artist based out of

Virginia, US. He has been feverishly working on developing his signature sound. Mixing Pop elements with Hip Hop injections, Travis Shyn composes from the heart, from every word he writes down to every note he sings out loud.

Travis' song "I Would Ride For You" was was released on SEPT. 2RD 2022.

The soft touch of a piano chord commences the emotional ride in a new single by the Virginia-based artist, Travis Shyn. The track, title, 'I would ride for you' is elegant, meaningful, and blissfully passionate.

The song's lyrical theme holds true to finding your life partner, soulmate - the person you would DO anything for. I honestly feel not everyone does meet this person in their life, yet the song's theme is very relatable.

Travis Shyn is a veteran of songwriting, building tracks, and dynamics in his singles. His vocal's in the single 'I would ride for you' brings the song alive, and is very fervent and we shall salute Travis for this release.




Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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