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Vallac's "Life": A Review That'll Make You Want to Dance

Life by Vallac ep cover art

Vallac's new 5-track EP "Life" is a captivating journey through various electronic music styles tied together by themes of living life to the fullest. As an emerging artist, Vallac showcases his skills and musical growth through this diverse yet cohesive collection. 

The EP kicks off with "Butterfly," an upbeat melodic house track perfect for dancing with its propulsive beat and floating female vocals. Next is "Sun & Moon," a dreamy deep house cut swimming in shimmering synths. The extended version adds another minute for fans to get lost in the track's sparkling atmosphere. 

Shifting gears, "Earth" introduces punchy percussion layered with rich textures. The lyrics celebrate the natural world with infectious positivity. Finally, the title track "Life" serves as a euphoric finale, bursting with appreciation for all life has to offer. Here, Vallac brings the EP full circle, emphasizing the overarching message to live vibrantly.

Throughout the project, Vallac experiments with various electronic music flavors like house, electro-pop, and cinematic dance. He incorporates live instrument sounds with computerized production for a balancing human touch. 

Vallac finds inspiration in the beauty of life itself as well as the energy of music festivals like Tomorrowland. "Life" shows his dedication, not just to innovating musically, but to creating transcendent experiences for listeners. He delivers on that promise with this emotionally rousing electronic EP.




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