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Vinyl-State releases "TICKING DAYS Remix"

Vinyl-State is an experimental Alternative Rock band from the Netherlands with big plans. Front man Joran formed the group in 2020 with the expressed goal of releasing 100 songs. He began his journey by working alone at home to develop dozens of ideas into actual tunes.

He then recruited some like-minded musicians and they got to work. A band was born.

Since launching on their journey last year, they have released 22 singles. Each has explored a different avenue of genres, from Deep House to Alt Metal. They list both Coldplay and Muse as influences. In their music we can hear the Pop sensibilities of the former and the adventurous and creative spirit of the latter in their music.

“Ticking Days Remix” is a recent single from Vinyl-State. Like all of their releases, the track is available via all major streaming services. The song rides on an mid-tempo Pop/Rock groove.

Layers of guitars, a solid bass & drum rhythm and subtle keys weave together a lush sound that brings to mind 80’s Alt/Pop/Rock heroes The Smiths.

Like that legendary Manchester UK band, Vinyl-State pairs upbeat music with melancholy vocals. Joran sings a cryptic tale about the passing of time with allusions to human nature and the environment.

The lead alternates between the vocalist’s lilting melody and an infectious guitar refrain. It’s a great sound that draws you into its world.

Check out “Ticking DaysRemix” below. Follow the links below the video to connect

with Vinyl-State and join them on their 100 song mission.


Compiled by ACE OF SWAY.


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