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“WENDY” by Ernesto Wendy

Hailing from Montreuil City, France is a latin grunge-rock Artist Ernesto Wendy. He has his debut single out on all major platforms on the July 1, 2022.

Wendy as it goes is the track title of the debut single from Ernesto Wendy. More releases and visuals to come from such a promising artist. The song starts out with the title track and a Syd wail and a quick riff that sets the standard for what is an excellent single. A good performance is like an offensive line in football, if you don't talk about it or notice it, then it's probably good and rocking enough to start every journey.

Awesome vocals and rhythmic beat. That’s a gem from such talent. There’s nothing clinical for vibes and compelling instrumentation aside Wendy’s latest track. Check this banger out on all major platforms.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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