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“WHEN WILL I LEARN” by Nasmore

Like a great many artists, Canadian-based Nasmore grew up constantly attached the instruments surrounding him, fully immersed within music of all kinds as a listener, while teaching himself the fundamentals of how to write & play his own songs.

With an exploratory and adventurous spirit, a tremendous natural skillet, and the courage to experiment with anything & everything new to him Nasmore developed an authentic taste for diversity that he instantly infused into his own unique process.

You can’t help but to admire a solo artist, it shows the dedication to want to be something great despite everyone else. Nasmore does it all. The world is, thankfully, filled with so much talent it’s hard to keep up. Flip that coin over and you’ll also find an equal amount of mediocrity across the board.

And it’s a good thing he has found his way here on Ace of swords blog with his latest release dubbed when will I learn This is a great melodic, high energy tune from Nasmore. I love this simple energy, the mood, and the balance of straight-up melodic pop energy. You can feel that creative drive in the kit hitting hard on the back and forth in life and other doings of man, regrets, failure, disappointment and kept questioning that “when will I learn?”.

Nasmore delivers such transient bass drum that have all the mood and dynamics to pulse their way into your soul. A perfectionist never rests and that seems to be the case here. The listener can pick up on some influence in the keys and that solid rhythm backbone that pushes Nasmore’s strong vocal. This is an impressive release.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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