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“WHERE WE GO” by Nick LaRiviere & The Best Laid Plans

If you’re late coming to one of the most musically provocative albums of the year, don’t feel bad. We’re late writing about it. To be fair, the album has only been out a few months and we spotlighted the genius that is “Get Ready!” from this great band Nick LaRiviere and The best Plans in a couple of months back.

Nick LaRiviere and the best plans song, “Where we go,” has been showcased on our awesome site but since there is literally not enough ink in the world to be spilled proclaiming how amazing this band’s debut Album is, we can’t help but feel we’ve not done nearly enough. Behind a deceptively understated and, dare we say, Get ready! album cover lies one of richest, rhythmic, and musically dynamic projects released in 2022.

The Band gives listeners who might not be familiar with them a glimpse into why they are one of the world must-see bands. The song finds the band using their power packed vocal to declare that their days of being taken for granted, mistreated and devalued are over.

On “Where we go” the band reminds listeners of the importance of their creative, emotional and compelling instrumentation, and that others will damage all of those things if they are allowed to do so. Great musicianship along a strong vocals while the bass drum drip completes the score.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

this article was created via Musosoup #Sustainablecurator


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