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Wonderfuzzy Release Their New EP “Lair of Bears”

MERRIMAC, MA – Wonderfuzzy has released their new EP 'Lair of Bears' on June 16, 2023.

The album features 5 songs that showcase the group’s hopeful and emotive sound. Lair of Bears is a collection of songs that reflect the happiness, longing, and insecurity we all feel in our close relationships, inspired by the experiences of each of the band members.

Wonderfuzzy is a studio blend of indie folk-pop and dreampop, with influences from Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham, The Beatles, ABBA, and Enya. They've embraced the uncoolness of a family group and infused their sound with warm fun. The band is led by Ken Hilts as the main songwriter and instrumentalist, joined by vocalists Lindsay Fritsch, Sydney Lathrop, and Lori Hilts.

Wonderfuzzy has been recording together since 2009, and is best known for Chimichanga Fix,

their ode to deep-fried meat and cheese. They've released the albums Sack of Badgers (2010),

Tree of Goats (2013), Flight of Penguins (2016), and the EP Lair of Bears (2023).

For more information about the album and the group, visit their official Website : or their official Facebook:@wonderfuzzy page.

"Lair of Bears" is available on all major streaming platforms and digital stores, and animated lyric videos have been created for each song.


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