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YaBoyDon - "Fans Only"

From Buffalo, NY. Ceo of TrueRiches, Don started his music career in 2016 as an audio engineer teaming up with his brother DJ Taylor and just creating TrueRiches.

Don quickly found his sound, RnB with hip hop instrumentals RnB with some pop in it.

Heavily influenced by 90s RnB and modern hip hop Don has been creating a sound for himself to differ from other artists. Also an aspiring producer creating beats for many individuals as well as himself.

Gaining local recognition throughout the city, currently working with some of the best artists in the up-and-coming city of Buffalo.

Don is something you should look out for, as he keeps releasing sensational songs, including the most recent ''Fans Only".

Fans Only worth listening and deciding for yourself, if YaBoyDon deserves to be a young champ!

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Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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