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Younithmic - "MY SORROW"

Influenced largely by the sound of the 1980s, German artist Younithmic released their latest single My Sorrow, earlier this year on July 23, 2022. Inspired by the likes of Kygo, The Weeknd and Tiesto, Younithmic creates soundscapes of pop and EDM infusions.

Younithmic, who only began producing in late 2019, creatively took the vocals and craft a sonic landscape around the melody of ‘My Sorrow.’ The result is an uplifting track of contemporary production and melancholy vocal melodies that depict the breaking down of a relationship.

My Sorrow’ opens with the sound of chatter, people talking somewhere in the distance. The first layer of this blank canvas allows the bright tonality of the piano chords to strike through, before ethereal female vocals take centre stage.

With a cymbal swell, the strum of an acoustic guitar is introduced, while melodic synth

refrains and drum beats pay tribute to the EDM characteristics and 80s influences.

The chorus of ‘My Sorrow’ lends itself to being Lo-Fi, so that the build has maximum impact instrumentally, with the addition of vocal ad-libs.

Combining organic instrumentation with contemporary electronic elements makes the pop essence of the track feel radio-friendly.

In 1994,Younithmic became an energy electronic technician and began studying Communications Engineering in 2002. It wouldn’t be until 2019 that music piqued Younithmics interest, despite not even knowing the difference between major and minor keys.

Nonetheless, a love affair with music production began and a stream of releases would follow from early 2020.Younithmic’s focus going forward is to create songs that truly tell a story.


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