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Zoe Butler - “Last I Heard” (new single)

Beautifully produced indie rock song

about reconciling pain that has long

since healed.

Out September 16, 2022

Nashville, TN – Is forgiveness truly possible?

Does time really allow us to look compassionately at those who hurt us?

Zoe Butler investigates these questions in her new single Last I Heard.

The repetitive 12-string guitar riff and gloomy double vocals at the beginning of the song set the

stage for Butler to investigate a night that still haunts her. This introduction is inspired by the

motion in Morgan Wade’s hit “Wilder Days.” While the track starts off relatively simple–just an

acoustic guitar, 12-string, Wurlitzer—by the end of the second verse the lyrics are underpinned by a full drum kit and electric guitar.

“Last I heard he was on a bridge

And his friends all said I was water under it

Last I heard he was ready to leave Providence,

So he wouldn’t have to see me and live with it”

Butler doesn’t miss a beat launching the song into the eerie implication of suicidal ideation. She

references Providence, the city home to her alma mater, Brown University.

“I wrote this song to explore the consequences of trauma, years after the damage has been

done. This first verse alludes to the fact that this song will reckon with the flip side of harm, that

is, how do those who perpetrate violence experience the world?”

The howling chorus makes it clear that Butler is influenced by Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, and Holly Humberstone.

The piece truly comes together in the final bridge. Her frustration and anger are evident even

though her voice is somewhat relaxed and introspective.

“And there’s no rosary long enough for the penance he pays

I wanted to be dead I said it to his face

And I think forgiveness is just a conspiracy to keep me in my place.”

“I have a complicated relationship with my trauma and my history. I wanted to write a song that

probes the different facets of memory, forgiveness, and reconciliation.” Butler says, “and I think

this song is so different from other more folk and Americana songs because this topic requires

a more full sound.”

Written and recorded in Nashville, the song was produced by Mike Fahey. It will be released on

September 16 and supported by a series of live shows.



Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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