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A Song of Love and Gratitude: A Review of Gary Dranow's "Dad"


We can't have enough of Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions, and their latest song today is "Dad" which tugs at the heartstrings with its raw yet poetic exploration of paternal bonds. Released on February 15th, 2024, this toe-tapping track was brought to life through a collaborative effort spanning the globe, from Australia to Ukraine. 

Propelled by a driving bassline and soulful guitar melodies, Dranow's gruff vocals shine as he croons poetic lyrics inspired by a touching letter. The listener can't help but be drawn into this musical tale that celebrates the wisdom passed from father to son. 

While the instrumental arrangement itself is simple, the lyrical wordplay and vocal delivery pack an emotional punch. As Dranow sings of memories made and life lessons taught, one can't help but reflect on the paternal figures in their own life. Themes of encouragement, resilience and unconditional love resonate with a universally relatable message.

Everyone streaming Dranow will be delighted to hear his signature storytelling sound, while the fusion of rock and folk elements gives the track a contemporary yet vintage vibe. The production quality is crisp and balanced, allowing the evocative lyrics to take center stage. 

As with his past humanitarian releases "Bodywise", "Mother's Angry", and "Self Sacrifice", Dranow continues to leverage the healing catharsis of music. "Dad" in particular exudes a personal intimacy through its celebratory tone and vulnerable songwriting. 

At just over three minutes long, this radio-ready folk ballad gives listeners a glimpse into the magic that happens when talented visionaries come together. From Utah to Australia to the Ukraine, this globetrotting production has etched out its niche genre. 









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