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Abakuya - "ATONKOUMOU MENGBWA"(remix)

François Essindi(Abakuya) is a Cameroonian musician artist: Actor, Storyteller, Musician, Percussionist, Author Composer, Author of storybooks for young people (L'Harmattan). “François Essindi's shows are not told, nor can they be summed up, they are lived. They are penetrating, so much do they vibrate with authenticity.”

He tirelessly pursues setting up projects for his native Cameroon (Festivals, Concerts, project to create a cultural center, training workshops for young people, etc.)

The song "Atonkoumou Mengbwa Remix" is an African Pop, Traditionnal and Afrobeat and Spiritual Music in Expérimentation.

"Be Afraid of God" is the Chorus in the Bulu language of southern Cameroon... This song's clip by artist Ekang François Essindi Abakuya, pays tribute to his maternal grandfather who participated in his traditional education.

“Usually armed with instruments inherited from his Ekang ancestors, the man of Cultures surrenders to the energy of sounds, words. The music in the body, he lets it vibrate, dance in him, rhythms, vibrations, sensations…”

Since 2003, François has not let go of his dream of promoting his Ekang culture through the

traditional instruments of the equatorial forest to which he was introduced at a very young age. He wants to

promoter and defender of these instruments: - traditional harps (Mvet, Ngomo) - bell

talking or “Nkeng” - Fang or pygmy flutes, leaf, Arc en bouche… - percussion: Nkul

(Tam tam call), Ngom (long drum), Djembe…

François collaborates with many artists. Percussionist of Manu Dibango, he worked with

Brice Wassy (Cameroon), Madsheerkhan (France), Caroline Chivé (France), Hilaire Penda

(Cameroon), Riad Abdelgawad (Egypt), Claudine Françoise (France), Sally Nyolo (France), as well than many more.


Téléphone : 0604116912



Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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Sep 09, 2022

Can you please tell him that his son is dying in Tunisia?


Francine Asfodela
Francine Asfodela
Sep 06, 2022


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