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Ankur Announces Spellbinding New Single ‘Roots’

The latest from the Australian hip-hop phenom showcases the emotional lyricism and effortless rhythm that have propelled him to the brink of stardom.

Since the release of his breakout EP Intermissions, Ankur has been steadily gaining momentum in Sydney’s thriving hip-hop scene. Equally inspired by classic rap and modern pop/rock, his sound is a breath of fresh air, full of deeply relatable storytelling and dark, brooding soundscapes. ‘Roots’ is his most compelling single to date.

‘Roots’ puts Ankur’s vocals front and center. Featuring a soul-searching hook from Bronte Kolbe, Ankur wears his heart on his sleeve, delving into his struggles in astonishing detail.

He brings a rare authenticity to his craft, making him an artist capable of building genuine connections with an ever-growing fan base. The release of ‘Roots’ is poised to put Ankur in position for an International breakthrough.

>>>‘Roots’ is available everywhere!! September 8, 2022, SAVE THE DATE!<<<

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Instagram: Ankur


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