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Anna Josephine - 'Sweeter Than Reality'

Anna Josephine
Anna Josephine

Anna Josephine (Brooklyn based and California raised), has crafted a unique sound that blends traditional folk instrumentation with her rich contemporary vocals. She quickly solidified her status as a rising star in the industry boasting over 5k streams in the first month of her debut, original single, “Oh, Joan.”

Sweeter Than Reality (out October 13, 2023), has fulfilled the promise of carrying this momentum forward with this heart wrenching folk-pop ballad.

Too scared to unveil the truth, about how someone feels about you? This folk-pop ballad is for you. Anna Josephine’s contemplates the distress that accompanies an undefined relationship. The song boasts cinematic instrumentation and expansive harmonies which bolster Anna’s powerful vocal performance. Contemplate for yourself whether “fantasy is sweeter than reality.”

“Anna’s vocals are very strong, backed at times by a choir of wonderful voices, creating a unique atmosphere. ” Jane Hawkins, York Calling.

Anna Josephine - Sweeter Than Reality
Anna Josephine - Sweeter Than Reality

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