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“APRIL’S GONNA RAIN” by Robbie Rapids

Robbie Rapids is a singer/guitarist from Grand Rapids, Ml now residing in Atlanta, GA. Robbie's style of music can be described as Jangly Power Pop Rock.

He's the creative songwriter and lyricist who teamed up with prolific top session musician/producer David Levene, to create a collection that pulls from 4 decades of rock influence ('60s-'90s). Their professionalism has created true works of art.

An inspirational track from Robbie Rapids, April’s Gonna Rain, brings our hearts out, drawing shapes out of the stars and breathing a language masterpiece and great musicianship. Robbie’s pensive and thoughtful vocal tone is endearing, a loving reflection of their opaque sensibilities. The simple instrumentation caters to such a captivating tone. This is a lush and colorful track that pulls me into their heart and relational mindfulness. A brilliant delivery approach to songwriting, highlights this wonderfully melodic and just ever so edgy drawn vocal.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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