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“CITY LIGHTS” by YoYo Nagase

Yoyo Nagase is a pop artist and songwriter. During quarantine, music quickly became his therapeutic creative outlet. He began to write and record his own songs, showcasing his work on social media. His videos quickly gained popularity on TikTok.

City Lights” aims to cross musicals boundaries and create something exotic, YoYo wants to make something for everyone. Do you think he has achieved this? That’s a big fat yes, this track is built around the inspiration of the stems from late night drives where every care seemingly melts away.

The compositions notes of the driving beat, expressive lyrics and a well constructed them highlights his song in a way that leaves you craving more. This will boost him to the top of your favorites Artist list, and “City lights” will be a track that you keep on repeat.

Ace Sway


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