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CryJaxx x Charles Infamous x C - "SWEET"

CryJaxx is an Albanian DJ and record production duo from Tirana consisting of Mario Malja and Serafin Frroku. They began their careers by producing big room house, before transiting into future bass, trap and lately dance pop music.

The duo's music is a mix of a wide range of genres and incorporates elements from house, trap, hip hop, moombahton, pop, and dance-pop.

CryJaxx- Serafin Frroku and Mario Malja, collaboratively have more than 120 tracks released gathering more than 35 million Streams on Spotify, and 50 million on YouTube, their track “Candy Shop” recently went viral on Instagram and has more than 800k reels as of today.

Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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