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Dalhia Spencer - "VEGAS"(single)

Dalhia Spencer is an accomplished and mature artist, used to singing and being on stage from a very young age, the art of composition was obvious 10 years ago.

Her lively and sparkling spirit and her view of her life as a woman and life in general bring to her songs a modern dimension to the classic jazz that she loves above all else. Dalhia Jazz is a jazz, popular, festive, that everyone can listen to and appreciate, an accessible jazz, naturally catchy, you don't need to like Jazz to listen to Dalhia Spencer, her sense of rhythm and her sweet and sensual voice charm everyone. evening on the roof of a building in Las Vegas, a cocktail in hand, jazz music in the background, both catchy and languorous, the desire to dance, sensual wiggles, alcohol makes its effect, a smile, a look, the desire to get closer, to touch, to kiss... It's Vegas.

After the release of her first singles, “La corde au cou”, I know you and Even if I pray, Dalhia Spencer unveils a voluptuous jazz, with Lounge accents, inviting us to prolong the spirit and the heat of summer. . To record this sparkling single, Dalhia Spencer called on three talented young musicians, including two women of character, Flore Galais on the double bass, Maryline Ferrero on the piano and Leo Achard on the drums.

"Molto bello anche questo brano! La tua voce ci fa fare un viaggio meraviglioso! Bel progetto, complimenti."

"I love choirs! I like percussion! It has a lot of instruments and that's great, I love the piano and double bass".

"Excellent votre titre bravo !" "Votre voix est très captivante, a une grande portée et le contenu lyrique est grandiose."


Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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