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Delusion By Edie Yvonne: Growing Up, Doubting, and Owning It

Delusion by Edie Yvonne cover art
Edie Yvonne

New on BEA is a fifteen-year-old Edie Yvonne, and from her previous tracks, she has done it again, the magic. With her new song "Delusion," she shows she is a very gifted pop singer and songwriter. This song finishes up the three-song set about being a teen that started with "Girl Code" and "Queen Bee." 

The production quality brings Edie's gifts to new heights. Lush instrumentals lift the listener just as Edie's voice does. Flawless mixing and layering tie each element together into a tight pop confection. The build throughout the track takes fans on a musical ascent right along with Edie. Her ability to craft bite-sized pop epics shows she has truly mastered the mainstream format.

Delusion by Edie Yvonne
Edie Yvonne

However, what draws people most is the young star's authentic spirit. Edie stays true to herself in everything she does. From her songwriting to her effortless charm, she refuses to compromise who she is. 

With "Delusion," Edie continues to impress at every turn. Her soaring vocals captivate, production choices elevate, and lyrics resonate. Most of all, the track highlights the talents of a young woman coming into her own. Edie Yvonne has so much beautiful artistry left to gift the world. 





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